The sceptre’s relegation to history happened 15 years ago in Nepal, yet the lingering presence of monarchy continues to cast a shadow over Nepali society.

Recent demonstrations in Kathmandu, the nation’s capital, orchestrated by certain factions advocating for monarchy, have sparked debates regarding the perceived failure of the current cadre of politicians in solidifying Nepal’s republican system.

The monarchy, with its crown and sceptre, was consigned to the annals of history a decade and a half ago within Nepal. Despite this, the ghostly essence of monarchy persistently looms over the fabric of Nepali society.

On the 22nd of November, a multitude of individuals representing various factions converged upon Kathmandu to voice their dissent against the existing republican structure. Among their myriad demands was the reinstatement of monarchy and the reversal of Nepal’s status as a Hindu state. Their turnout, however, fell below expectations; despite the deployment of approximately 10,000 security personnel in anticipation of a significant protest. It was equally surprising that individuals from different regions across the country responded to the call of a solitary figure, identified as Durga Prasai, and journeyed to Kathmandu.”

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